Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All of the following outline our terms and conditions that would be applicable upon any sale made by us to you (The Customer). Should there be any human error in any document that is related to the Sale of Goods will be immediately addressed by the Company and no liability shall be attributed to the Company.


With regards to ordering of goods, all orders shall be subjected to our discretion in terms of acceptance. This applies for orders placed online or by buying in person. The criteria for acceptance will again be dependent upon the fulfillment of these terms and conditions. Likewise, payments made by you does not imply that we (The Company), have legally accepted your order.

Once the order is accepted and you have been given the goods either by delivery or in person, a legal contract will automatically bind us in respect of which both the Company and the Customer will abide by.

Placing an Order

You, the Customer, can place an order through our website or by doing it in person in our shop. If placing online, the system will guide you through the entire process. You will be able to review all your details that you have entered and may edit it until you confirm the order.

Placing an order, however, does not mean that we have accepted it as acceptance will depend upon various factors as determined by us.

Nevertheless, once we accept your order, our company will be legally binding to deliver the goods to you by any reasonable means. Should any unprecedented accidents occur, you will be notified and if we are unable to supply the goods, your payment will be given back to you.

Payment Policy

All of the prices listed on the website include sales tax and once you place an order online, the delivery charges will be added to the price accordingly.

Given the fluctuating prices of silver, we have full discretion to amend the listed prices, in which case, the prices will be updated. If you placed an order for an item whose price has subsequently been changed, you will be notified and your order will not be accepted until you confirm us to do so.

The payment should be made in full and should there be any error in the price that has been listed, your order will not be accepted and you will be notified accordingly. If we are unable to contact you, your money will be refunded and the order cancelled as such.

The payments can be made through credit cards and by doing so, you acknowledge the fact the information will be used by us in order to validate the authenticity of the payments made. If for any reason, the payment is not processed, the order will not be accepted.

Should we have any debts that we owe to you will be settled against the payments you make accordingly.