Privacy Policy

The company reserves the right to use your personal information such as your name, address, and phone number or email for delivery and selling purposes. Your credit card details however is excluded from this and will not be stored within our system nor used by us in any way except for authentication purposes. However, we pledge to you that the information will not be used in any way that may harm your privacy or security.

Our website uses cookies to monitor your preferences and the type of product categories that you usually look for. Such information will only be used to give you a better user experience and recommend to you, relevant products and services.

Nevertheless, in the event that a regulatory agency demands us to provide your information to them, we will be obliged to confirm to their demands and the information shall be given to them.

In any case, the information that we do use will mostly be for informing you about our special offers, promotions and special discounts.

In order to improve your browsing experience, third-party providers may be requested to supply their services in order for us to enhance the functionality of the website. We will take all reasonable measures that these third-parties do not tamper with any of the information that you provide if the use of such information is necessary. All of our third-party suppliers are rigorously screened to make sure they meet our privacy and security standards.

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